Rates & Fees

(3+ days per week)
(2-3 days per week)
Before & After School Care
(1-16 hours per week)

 If you are looking for a Full-Time care option for ages 1-5 years old. Our program includes access to our facility from open to close. This program offers your child, breakfast, 2 snacks and lunch (All meals are  planned according to Canada`s Guide to Healthy Eating).


The Full-time program also has parent perks such as special drop off dates for evenings. 


Rate: $750 per month



If you are looking for a Part-time care option for ages 1 - 5 years old. Includes access to our facility from open to close. This program includes breakfast, 2 snacks and lunch (All meals are planned according to the Canada's Guide to Healthy Eating). 

Rate: $500 per month 

If you are looking for Before & After Care for ages 6-10 years old. This program offers access to our facility from open before school and closing once child is picked up from school. This program offers pick-up and drop off at Christ the King School and Cranston School. Breakfast in the morning will be offered and a snack will be offered in the afternoon. 


Summer Vacation will go to Full-time pricing. However, there will be no extra charge for school closure days during the year. 




During school year: $500 per month


Summer vacation: $700 per month


If you are looking for a day away from your little one. Please feel free to contact Yuuki's Imagination Station to see if we have room at our facility. This is a great option for a mom that would like to go out with friends for a day of shopping to a mom that needs some extra sleep due to just having had a second or even third little one join their family. We are here for you and would love to help give you that time. 

This program will include breakfast, 2 snacks, and lunch.

Rate: $50 per day

Late Fee Policy

Business hours of Yuuki’s Imagination Station Child Care are 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Hours can be flexible during business hours. However, drop off time before business hours or pick up times after these hours must be prearranged in person or by a phone call and only on an occasional basis. An overtime charge of $5.00 per 15 minutes per child will be assessed starting at 6:00 p.m. if there is no notification about a late for pick-up. 

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